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Understanding Depersonalization

  • Definition

    Depersonalization is the feeling of unreality due to prolonged anxiety, stress and fear.

    Derealization is the strange or unfamiliar sensation experienced when looking at familiar surroundings.

    Both are products of a tired mind, and not considered an illness. There is a specific approach which serve to fully eliminate these anxiety related experiences. Through a natural approach one is able to fully obliterate these intrusions and move forward with their life

    Depersonalization Quiz to Determine Depersonalization:

    TAKE OUR TEST... and find out if Depersonalization Applies to You

    Do you experience feelings of unreality, out of body sensations or feeling as if you are watching yourself instead of being part of the moment?

    Do you experience feelings of unreality, out of body sensations or feeling as if you are watching yourself instead of being part of the moment?

    Do you spend a great deal of time worrying in terms of “what if” thinking?

    Are you unable to relax and allow your mind to settle down?

    Do you analyze situations and then over-analyze them once again?

    o you feel as if your mind is over-tired but you can’t settle down?

    Do you often feel your surroundings appear “different” or “unfamiliar?”

    Do you experience what you would describe as “out of body” feelings?

    Are you often angry and yet unable to communicate this emotion?

    Does anxiety frustrate you and interfere in your life?

    Have you experienced feelings of confusion or has your sense of direction appeared slightly “off?”

    Is it difficult to transition from reading or watching a movie to the present moment?

    Do subtle changes in your environment create feelings of unfamiliarity ?

    Do you become immersed when looking at old photographs or talking about the past, and find it difficult to transition to present moment?

    Do you often question your existence?

    Do you frequently feel as if you are watching life through a curtain or fog?

    Do you feel a subtle brain fog or fuzziness as if you can’t relate clearly to life?

    Do you touch objects and yet do not feel as if you touched them?

    Do you question your memory and test yourself?

    Do you experience vague visual problems, perceptual difficulties or distortion?

    Have your health worries increased?

    If you find yourself thinking "this sounds like me" after reading this questionnaire, there is a good chance you are experiencing mild depersonalization.

    Depersonalization follows a distinct path and there is a specific treatment process for permanent cure.

  • Facts Concerning Depersonalization

    Depersonalization is not a mental illness and therefore does NOT have to be treated as one. Depersonalization is created out of prolonged anxiety. Sleep deprivation, marijuana and other recreational drug use, alcohol, caffeine and minocycline may create symptoms of depersonalization. Depression, Anxiety and Stress often creates increased cortisol levels and decreased serotonin levels within the body within the body...leading to feelings of depersonalization. There is a logical explanation for depersonalization and it is easily reversed once understood and treated correctly.

    Specific Treatment

    There is a specific treatment for depersonalization. It includes:

    Understanding/Full Explanation

    Behavioral Modification (Coping Skills)

    Nutrition/Diet Plan and Menu (Serotonin Boosting Diet)

    Achieved by Adhering to the Following:

    Use of our Program Package along with our Telephone Counseling Sessions.

    This Includes:

    Complete understanding of this disorder/sensation through proper explanation, hard facts not fiction.

    Natural Methods do work and will eliminate depersonalization when properly followed.

    Stress Relief through specific Behavioral Modification and correct use of Neutralizing Diet using whole foods (already in one's kitchen) lowers cortisol levels and boosts serotonin levels.

    Specific Exercises boost serotonin, lower cortisol levels.

    Mindset adaptation. Retraining mind/body.

    Alleviation of anxiety and depression (essential factor)- through behavioral modification, Serotonin boosting diet and blood sugar balancing through diet/nutrition..

    Short term weekly counseling sessions to jumpstart progress.

    Restrictions of alcohol, caffeine, sugar excess and recreational drugs.

    Discontinuation of unconscious self-sabotage habit through:

    Thought changing behavioral techniques

    Specific Diet and Nutrition Changes

    In closing, it is essential to treat Depersonalization correctly, rather than an illness. Incorrect approach and treatment creates a spiral of confusion which only prolongs and frustrates the individual. Our Depersonalization Recovery Program is a natural and effective process which permanently eliminates Depersonalization/Derealization and prevents its return.

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