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Serotonin Boosting

  • Are your Serotonin Levels Low?

    Serotonin is the “feel good” chemical in the brain. It sustains feelings of well-being, peace and calm. Serotonin regulates sleep and body temperature as well. Specific stresses, aging and specific triggers lead to a decrease in Serotonin levels. Both Anxiety and Depersonalization symptoms are heightened due to plummeting Serotonin levels. Even minor declines in Serotonin will often set off reactions. You have the power to naturally boost your serotonin levels by using specific living skills and foods you already have in your kitchen. Changes in Serotonin Levels can transform a bleak existence into an enjoyable and pleasure producing life once again.

  • Serotonin Quiz Take our Test and find out:

    Do you experience feelings of anxiety, depression, apathy or lethargy?

    Are you experiencing signs of decreased memory retention?

    Do you have difficulty sleeping as insomnia becomes a more frequent problem?

    Are you often achy or having to deal with chronic pain?

    Do you have difficulty concentrating?

    Do you often feel unhappy, unable to feel enthusiastic about life?

    Is fatigue a frequent visitor even when you slept well?

    Is your digestive system compromised by feelings of irritable bowel (IBS) and intestinal bloating?

    Do you find yourself craving more sugars, sodas, alcohol or caffeine?

    Are you generally more irritable and less able to enjoy yourself on a daily basis?

    Have feelings of anger replace your normally more cheerful moods?

    Do you experience little interest in sexual contact?

    Has your appetite changed in the last few weeks?

    Are you more reactive to the slightest stimuli (crying easily at mildly sad events).

    Do you feel hurt, insulted or more insecure in your relationships?

    Do you overreact to small issues?

    Are you overly concerned about your emotional and physical health? (worry about serious illness affecting you?)

    Do you experience bouts of OCD (obsessive compulsive actions or worries)?

    Are you experiencing mild to strong panic attacks and anxiety episodes?

    Are feelings of Unreality (Depersonalization/Derealization) infiltrating your days?

    If you find yourself thinking This sounds like me" after reading this questionnaire, there is a good chance you are experiencing even a mild decline in Serotonin. There is a natural way of dealing with this decline and this does not signify the use of medications. It is a simple treatment process which leads to increased Serotonin levels and an improved sense of well-being, both in mind and body.

  • Facts about Serotonin

    Stress often creates increased cortisol levels and decreased serotonin levels within the body within the body...leading to feelings of anxiety and depersonalization.

    Serotonin levels can be boosted through specific changes in diet and lifestyle.

    The process of increasing Serotonin and healing is very available and simple to use Specific Treatment

    There is a specific treatment for low Serotonin levels. It includes:

    Understanding through full explanation and following a precise plan.

    Serotonin Boosting: Nutritional Changes through Food Therapy (learning to use the foods you already possess in your kitchen. A specific and unique process boosts serotonin and continues to keep levels high.

    Recreational Therapy: Unique approach which includes the use of specific activities to boost serotonin naturally and on a daily basis. Enhanced moods, diminished anxiety, clarity in comprehension and decreasing symptoms of depersonalization.

    Behavioral Changes: Retrain the Brain. Changes in thinking results in lower stress levels. Mind affects the body. Constant stress decreases Serotonin levels. Changing thought patterns correctly lowers stress levels and increases Serotonin levels.

    Natural Living Changes: Learning to enjoy your life and use the natural resources available to you every day to boost serotonin levels.

    How to Get Started

    Begin with our Anxiety-Depersonalization Program Package, along with our Telephone Counseling Sessions which will enable you to regain full clarity and peace of mind. This method utilizes both Behavior Modification and Diet/ Nutrition to improve the way you feel in both mind and body. This all natural approach is a simple, effective and basic path to a healthy life and true sense of well being. Simply call or email our office and we will be glad to evaluate your situation and suggest the most effective approach for you.

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