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Diet and Nutrition

  • Through Food Therapy (diet/nutrition/eating process),

    the body becomes a quieter, less reactive environment and the mind follows. Guideline diet/menu plans, informative facts about specific foods and how to neutralize anxiety and depersonalization. Natural Serotonin Boosting (the feel good chemical in the brain). Using foods to produce this chemical in the brain, naturally.

    Q: What is the recovery treatment about?

    A: Comprehensive programs and accelerated counseling sessions include: Explanation- Logic behind symptoms and reactions. Understanding- Why one feels the way they do and how to choose your reactions from here on. Coping Techniques- Retrain the Brain. Turn off intrusive reactions and prevent their return. Diet/Nutrition Plan and 7 Day Menu- Comprehensive food plan, menu schedule and informative hints and tips. Serotonin Boosting- Use foods to boost Serotonin levels naturally. Improves moods, reduces symptoms in 24 hrs. Recreational Therapy- The natural way to accelerate progress.

    Q. How does one use this type of treatment?

    A. Through our Programs and Sessions, one learns to recognize negative patterns of behavior and quickly replace them with more productive ways of thinking and and behaving. We take a comprehensive approach to both anxiety and depersonalization, by uncovering unproductive habits and behaviors and swiftly replacing them with more productive ones. This is accomplished by applying new, productive ways of thinking, while eliminating fearful worry patterns. Prevention of future flare-ups is also part of the approach.

    Specific techniques are taught to refresh and rejuvenate a depersonalized mind, exhausted from constant worry.

    We also share essential information about the proper diet/nutrition/process of eating, precisely for relief of anxiety and depersonalization. You will learn how to use foods you already have in your kitchen, to work for you rather than against you. We will show you how to use Natural Serotonin Boosting (the feel-good chemical in the brain) by eating the correct foods in the proper way. We guide you in your food choices, and introduce menus, diet plans and essential information about how specific foods will neutralize anxiety, depression, depersonalization and all phases of anxiety while maintaining a stable mind and body.

    Guidance through recreational therapy steers you into natural ways of reducing anxiety, depersonalization, insomnia and depression. Learning to select activities that stimulate, peak your interest and are personally gratifying will help achieve both a mind and body that are less reactive and prevent future episodes of discomfort.

    Q. Who will I work with when I come for therapy or use your telephone sessions?

    A. You will speak and work with Dr. Freedman at all times who will guide you past anxiety, depersonalization and any other phase of the anxiety condition. I will personally make sure you fully understand the specifics of this therapy and its proper use for the best possible results. I will be available for you, and provide you with all the support you will need to lead you back into productive living.

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