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Anxiety Personality

  • Take this quiz to find out if your personality might lend itself to the symptoms you might be experiencing.

    Do you know that you may have been born with a distinct personality, which lends itself to symptoms of anxiety and depersonalization. This is not mean you are “stuck” with these symptoms. What it does indicate is a sensitive, creative nature, which has a great many of attributes along with sensitivities. Being aware of this personality allows you to make the proper compensations to stave off anxiety reactions and depersonalization and prevent their return

    Are you more reactive than most to bright lights and loud noises?

    Do crowded atmospheres cause you feelings of discomfort?

    Does lack of sleep create stronger feelings of anxiety or depersonalization?

    If you skip a meal do you feel anxious or unreal?

    Do the slightest sounds awake you from sleep?

    Are you very reactive to sugar or foods high in sugar content?

    Does criticism upset you and linger in your mind?

    Do you often feel unable to cope in groups or self-conscious?

    Are you an approval seeker or people pleaser?

    Are you analytical, to a fault?

    Do you have a creative personality?

    Do you often struggle with self-doubt or low self-esteem?

    Are you hyper-critical?

    Is control very important to you?

    Are you an expert worrier, especially when it comes to your health?

    Have you visited many physicians and specialists concerning your health?

    Do you often skip meals or eat incorrectly (junk foods, comfort foods)?

    Are you highly reactive to many medications?

    Are you very suggestible with a strong imagination?

    Have you been told you are highly intelligent?

    Do you or have you ever suffered from separation anxiety?

    Are you a perfectionist and self-critical?

    Do you often wish to be more assertive?

    Are you often startled when awakened from a deep sleep?

    Do you feelings and emotions run deep?

    Do you find yourself frequently victimized?

    Do you avoid confrontation?

    Are you extremely connected in your relationships?

    Do you have a strong need to be “right?”

    Do you often give more than expected?

    Do you sometimes sacrifice your own well-being in an effort to please someone?

    Are you often resentful because you give more than you are compensated?

    Do you generally need more sleep than most?

    Are you more of a late night person rather than an “early bird?”

    Are you conscientious, reliable, competent and play by the rules?

    Are you very reactive to alcohol?

    Are you the person your friends and family seek out for advice and help?

    Are your creativity levels higher than most of your friends?

    Does aging frighten you?

    Are you angry a great deal of the time?

    Do you hold in or stifle many emotions (crying, laughing hysterically, angers) out of fear of losing control?

    Are you extremely loyal and committed to your relationships?

    If you answer yes to seven or more of these questions, you may be prone to episodes of anxiety or depersonalization. This is not something you cannot remedy. Knowing your personality allows you a clear window into who you are and the opportunity to compensate for your sensitivities. This personality is filled with many attributes as well as sensitivities and describes a very competent and able person. Learning to compensate for the sensitivities will free you up to live a more fulfilling, stress-free life. There are specific ways to change behaviors and reactions, regardless of your personality. This is achieved by learning new, more productive behaviors and by applying diet/nutrition corrections. This combination enables you to create a more comfortable life, with you steering the course.

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