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Sugar Reactivity

  • Sugar Reactivity Quiz

    Sugar has a profound effect on the way we think, act and feel. It’s important to take a closer look at your anxiety levels, and depersonalization after you’ve eaten too much sugar or products that metabolize into sugar. Are you reactive to sugar?

    Why not take this quiz and find out.

    For the next seven days, become aware of your reactions, after eating foods high in sugar and those with little or no sugar at all. Ask yourself the following questions if you notice a change in the way you feel, both mind and body

    Do my anxiety levels escalate after eating foods high in sugar? This could include simple sugars (candy, cakes, sodas) or complex carbohydrates without protein (pasta, bread, cereals).

    Do I become more irritable after a breakfast of refined cereal and fruit rather than one consisting of cooked whole grain cereal and milk?

    If I eat a sweet snack in late afternoon, does the rest of my day become difficult in terms of remaining calm and in control?

    Do I crave sugar when upset?

    Do I have more belly fat than I would like and find it difficult to reduce?

    Do I have difficult sleeping and wake up at least once during the night?

    Are you noticing a lack of energy and find yourself dragging in the mornings and late afternoon?

    Are feelings of unreality (depersonalization) worsening and difficult to overcome?

    Am I more irritable in general?

    Are there fewer moments during the day that I feel calm and in control?

    Is it difficult for me to concentrate?

    Do I overreact when criticized?

    Are my anger and tolerance levels much lower than normal?

    Do I struggle with panic attacks or anxiety episodes after eating sugar?

    Do I notice a change in my immune system and are feeling sick more often?

    Am I more sluggish than normal and have little energy most of the time?

    If you have answered “Yes” to the three or more of these questions, you may be sugar reactive. This may be exacerbating your feelings of anxiety and depersonalization. This is not as terrible as you may believe since you have the opportunity to correct the problem. Changing your diet/nutrition is as easy as choosing to be healthy. Check out our Neutralizing Diet which is part of the Anxiety Busters: Anxiety Recovery Program. In just 24 hours you will notice a change in the way you feel

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