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Losing my energy
« on: March 17, 2010, 01:17:06 PM »
Hello Dr. Freedman,

I am a big fan of yours from reading your answers. You know how we all feel and if you only knew how much that helps. Here's my problem. I had a stressful winter with two personal relationships. It left me drained. I am feeling weak lately. I have had a physical and am told I am okay. I feel tired emotionally if you know what I mean. Every nerve in my body reacts from the smallest upset. My whole body trembles when I wake up in the morning.

I sometimes wonder if I have the energy to make it through the day. I can't wait to crawl into bed. I fall asleep but wake up in a half hour thinking it is morning. Then I have all this trouble falling back to sleep. Everything feels sadder to me and more serious. This is not me.

I am almost afraid to go with friends anywhere far from home. I've always been there for everyone of my close friends and co-workers. I'm usually known as the rock. I feel like I lost all my good attitude about life. Can I be helped? I have this dread that I'm never going to be me again.



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Regaining Energy and Coping Ability
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2010, 12:13:42 PM »
Dear Addie,

How could you possibly feel anything but drained? Your last statement says it all. "I have this dread that I'm never going to be me again." If this thought is part of your waking consciousness, then a whole string of even more unproductive thoughts are right behind. These are the triggers keeping you fatigued, drained and unable to surface from the heavy feeling of exhaustion. You are carrying a bundle of worry and fear, which is fueled by your habit of thinking.

In merely 24 hours the fatigue begins to lift when you approach it properly. There is a specific process to be learned but not a huge mystery. It is science and you have been depleting your mind and body without actually knowing it. After two weeks of following our process you will be fully energized yet not anxious. Even before the two week period you will notice an enormous difference in energy, mood and the ability to cope with life's challenges.

Feel free to call or email for further information about our program or counseling sessions (in-office or phone).

Best wishes,

Dr. Ronnie Freedman
Anxiety Busters, Inc.
Program Order Line: 1-800-670-HOPE
In Office and Telephone Counseling Line: 1-215-635-4700
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