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Bathroom Anxiety
« on: August 31, 2009, 12:44:14 PM »
I don't know who else to ask because it only happens when I'm nervous. How come every time I think about doing something that is out of my comfort zone (going places, doctor visits, driving, vacation) I get a stomach cramp and have to use the bathroom? It doesn't happen when I am at home or on normal days.


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Re: Bathroom Anxiety
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2009, 11:11:54 PM »
Dear Adam,
Did you ever hear the saying "gut reaction" or "I felt it in my gut" ?
The gut is known as the "second brain" because it responds to anxious reactions very quickly. Most will attest to this fact, as they react in the same way you are describing. Of course, the more upset you become over this anxiety reaction, the more intense the symptoms.

The biology is very clear. One is anxious about how they MIGHT react out of their "comfort zone" and adrenaline is released. The stomach grips, turns and cramps. Interesting how these symptoms quiet down when the fear is over, on the way home, or when one's mind sounds the "all's safe" signal.

It never happens when home or during "normal" days ONLY BECAUSE you are sending the body different signals. What is necessary is to LEARN how to send these signals more often since safety is in your thoughts rather than in specific places. YOU ARE YOUR COMFORT ZONE. This is easily accomplished when you learn to retrain the brain and think in a way that is calming and productive.

I offer a free phone evaluation during my office hours and will be glad to offer my suggestions concerning your options...which are many.
We welcome your email questions as well.

Best wishes,

Dr. Ronnie Freedman

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