Author Topic: A normal life again?  (Read 1419 times)

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A normal life again?
« on: May 14, 2009, 12:53:23 PM »
Over the past several months I have been dealing with anxiety, which I think is beginning to lead to depression.  All day long I am constantly thinking about what I am going to do next, how I am going to get through the day (being that the day seems 10x longer than any normal day), and will my thought pattern every return to normal.  

I believe that the onset was caused by a lack of trust with my boyfriend.  I did not trust the things that he was saying to me, which caused me to be anxious whenever I was not with him, almost into "stalker mode".  He never really did anything specific for me to not trust him, it was as if a


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Re: A normal life again?
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2009, 05:24:46 PM »
Thank you so much for the post.  Unfortunately, I now think it will be getting worse before it gets better.  

Just today, ironic as it is, my boyfriend decided it was best if we went our separate ways.  My anxiety and mistrust just got to be too much for him, and thought it would be better for me to work on myself for a little bit.

In a way I am hoping it will help because that is the main reason all of this started, but I am scared at the same time because it could make everything that much worse.  

I will listen to your advice and try my hardest....  I just think that no matter what I try or think or tell myself I will have this horrible anxious feeling that will be with me for a long time.


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Re: A normal life again?
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2009, 12:43:36 AM »
Dear Laxedlaurel,
It seems you were "on guard" for so long, that you placed quite a stress on yourself. This resulted in sensitization, and your fears of these symptoms began to cycle upon themselves. Fear>Adrenaline>Fear Cycle. That is why you feel "anxious about everything." All this stress culminated into a sensitized mind and body.

You have to do two things.

You have to begin to tame a mind that is overactive and succeeding in frightening you. This is accomplished by changing the way you THINK. It all begins with a THOUGHT. You are producing and continue to produce the reactions, although you are not aware of this. Change the way you are thinking...RETRAIN THE BRAIN...and you settle back down.

You also have to start rebuilding Serotonin levels, naturally, by using foods to replenish this brain chemical every single day. This is accomplished by learning to use foods you already have in your kitchen, but using them correctly.

You are caught up in a learned behavior...a cycle of fear. You have the ability to break through this and it's not difficult, when approached correctly.

For further information, I will be glad to speak to you. We're open every day from 10:00- 10:00 EST

Best wishes,

Dr. Ronnie Freedman

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