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Antidepressants and Destructive
« on: December 08, 2007, 12:22:05 PM »
I've been actually counting the minutes for this email to arrive. After practically every college, high school and random shooting, which demonstrated no rhyme or reason, the truth eventually came out.

I drove through Omaha the day before this shooting and my parting thought as
I left town was, "I wonder what it will take to wake up Omaha? They already
had Karen Duncan on Zoloft drive her three sons into the Missouri River
killing all four of those in the vehicle and that did not wake up Omaha to the
dangers of antidepressants. Why?! How bad does it have to get before awareness
begins for them?"
How shocked I was to see this shooting happen the following day! Of course
what was not shocking at all was to learn that he was on medication. I will be
doing Coast to Coast AM with Ian Punnett late tonight on this case if you
want to listen in. It will be at 10:00 PM Pacific; 11:00 PM Mountain; 12:00 AM
Central and 1:00 AM Eastern. Check their website at www.coasttocoastam.com_
( to find a station near you to listen in or
find a station that streams so you can listen.

I do hope you noticed in the articles below that we wasted $265,000 drugging
this child into oblivion to create yet another mass murderer that we can
then vilify. What we are doing to wards of the state in foster care surpasses
what Hitler even dreamed of!!!! It is beyond criminal, it is despicable!!
These children have no one to protect them from the mass drugging they are
subjected to after being taken from their families. Many parents turn their
children over to the state after witnessing in these children the first horrifyingly
violent reactions to these drugs . . . never knowing that it was CAUSED by
the drugs and not behavior their child was in control of or had a choice
over. Becoming frightened at the extreme out of character behavior they see in
their own child they then release their child to the state thinking they can
get the care they "must need" never knowing that their fate will be worse than
the chambers at Dachau or Auschwitz! They become the latest medical guinea
pigs with no rights and no parental rights to protect them.

Years ago when I was considering adopting one more child as a younger
brother or sister to my two adopted children I could not find one that was not
being drugged for some disorder of some kind or another. Finally in exasperation
I called the adoption agency in CO who sponsored all these foster children
for adoption and asked if they had a child who was not being drugged because I
did not want to begin a relationship with a child as they go through drug

The young woman who answered the phone sounded relieved that she finally had
a chance to tell someone what was going on as she dropped her voice to a
whisper and said, "Isn't it terrible?!! We have a doctor here who is drugging
all of these children and there is nothing we can do about it!"

Watch the You Tube videos put out by foster children and you will see them
tell you the same thing. Robbie Hawkins was drugged for four years thanks to
our tax dollars and then he was released last August which means he was most
likely forced to go "cold turkey" off of his expensive medications that he
could not afford on his own. He would have been going into the worst of the
withdrawal - the psychosis - a few months ago as the worst of it is often
delayed. So two months ago he started back on antidepressants thinking they would
help him as so many do. Yet at that point they generally only make things
much, much, much worse and very quickly do so. We all witnessed the end result
in an Omaha mall Wednesday afternoon. Yes he just lost his job and his
girlfriend, BUT both were likely only another result of the deterioration the comes
with the emerging psychotic depression being brought on by the
antidepressants. The clues are adding up daily. The pending charges of possessing alcohol
as a minor - the antidepressant-induced cravings for alcohol had begun as

Will we see more of these soon? Without a doubt! The majority of this
country is in need of massive detox!

Please help the world to understand that this boy did not know what he was
doing. Let them know he was a product of the mass drugging of our children.
And send them to our site at _www.drugawareness.org_
( to learn the truth about this and see the full length movie we did
"The Drugging of Our Children" by clicking the button just below the clip of
Michael Moore talking about Columbine. They need to watch the beginning of that
movie closely as Corey and Jay Baadsgard talk about what happened to Corey on
antidepressants. It will help them to see how good kids are being turned
into killing machines on these drugs. With "homicidal ideation" - constant
obsessive thoughts of killing and how to kill - now being listed by the drug
makers as a side effect of these drugs. why are we surprised in the least? They
admit what they are doing to us and we still pay them for doing so and refuse
to wake up to what is before us in black and white!!!!

Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,
International Coalition for Drug Awareness
_www.drugawareness.org_ ( & author of Prozac:
or Pandora - Our Serotonin Nightmare (800-280-0730)