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A Worry Habit
« on: September 22, 2008, 05:15:04 PM »
Hi Dr. Freedman,

This is my favorite forum because you tell it like it is and give all the information.

Maybe you can help me today. I am worried about my younger brother. His health and it's been sort of an obsession lately. He wasn't feeling well and tired so he went to the doctor. They took blood samples and now it's all I think about.

Even good things. When I think about them I get obsessed. If I like a television show I love it and think about the characters all the time. I'm always over the top in my feelings. I worry that I feel things more than other people do.

I'll ask the question everyone else asks because I can't help myself. Is this normal? Maybe you can explain it to me.

You are so patient and your answers are so to the point. You give us facts and it keeps me from going down. Really appreciate all you do.

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Re: A Worry Habit
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2008, 12:42:06 PM »
Dear Danny,
There is a specific personality that is prone to anxiety symptoms. This is discussed in full detail in our Anxiety Busters program. Once you understand this personality, you are able to compensate for the anxiety and set up a life that is less reactive. We are all born with personalities. Many who share this personality are artists, musicians, writers, creative individuals. You cannot change your specific personality (and why would you want to). BUT you can learn to compensate for being over-reactive.
Retain the sensitive nature that allows you to feel more, enjoy more, experience the good things in life, while you tone down over-reactions that interfere with your enjoyment of life. It's a balance.

Yes, this is normal, in the circumstances. Don't allow it to trigger your worry mode. Accept who you are, learn to use techniques to achieve balance and go back to living a life with less worry.
It can be achieved and since one has one life, it's well worth the effort.

Best wishes,

Dr. Ronnie Freedman
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