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Solved My Problem!
« on: November 29, 2007, 08:51:17 PM »
Hi Dr. Ronnie,

You information worked so good for me that I can't believe it. I had the world's worst conflict with my father-in-law. I avoided him every chance I had. I knew I'd have anxiety and panic if I faced up to him. I didn't think I could stand it with my anxiety.

I followed the formula you gave me and it was amazing how it worked. I even got to say all the things I needed to say but I said it in the way you told me to and he said he admired the way I put it and respected me for saying it the way I did. I feel so excited and happy off the charts. I have to use your method whenevr I get frustrated. Thank you for being showing me this great way of saying things. I feel like I can do anything.