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« on: June 12, 2014, 03:21:52 PM »
Dr Freedman, do so called 'earworms' part of anxiety (most specifically OCD) disorder or is it something else? I am a little stressed these days and in my mind all the time I 'hear' a song which can be 'replaced' by another which I hear. Is there a way out of this cycle? What is the neurophysiological or whatever explanation for this phenomenon? Thank you in advance.
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Re: Earworms
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Dear Ivans,

This is a very interesting question and the answer will bring relief from this intrusive symptom.

It is basically your own fear that fuels the continuation of this symptom. Any symptom one abhors, fears and worries about is enhanced by his or her efforts to push it aside.

When the mind grows weary due to continuous fearful worry every symptom intensifies, begging for one's attention. The moment one makes the decision to stop adding second fear ("what if" thinking) to the symptom, it slowly but surely dissipates, until completely dissolved.

Here are a few hints and tips that might help for now:

- Practice becoming aware of your breath for a few minutes at intervals during the day, especially when you find yourself irritated by the repetitive song. When the song intrudes, gently but firmly sweep it out of your consciousness.

- Remind yourself that this is the product of a fatigued mind (fatigued by your strong habit of worry) and when you learn to interrupt this fearful behavior, the "stuck" song will cease to intrude.

- Learn to use specific foods as described in our Anxiety Recovery Program to calm the mind and body and avoid foods such as caffeine, excessive sugar and alcohol to avoid reactivity.

Best wishes,

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