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Venting Is Not Always the Healthy Choice
« on: May 23, 2014, 01:58:29 PM »
Venting is Not Always The Healthy Choice

by Ronnie Freedman Ph.D. on May 23, 2014

Although expressing one's feelings may be encouraged and often beneficial, the habit of venting one's dissatisfaction with life may often become all consuming and eventually a problem both physically and emotionally. It might even come to a point where problems are no longer resolved and health issues begin to manifest out of this behavior. This is not to imply that self expression is to be avoided, but when frequent venting becomes a constant, it might be time to investigate ways to shift this behavior into one that is more productive and less destructive to one's health.

Research findings now demonstrate that chronic venting and negative rumination, without problem resolution, present a higher risk of serious health issues. Outbursts and tirades are closely linked to high blood pressure, Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), strokes and cancer.

Stress hormones speed up the process of atherosclerosis, fatty plaque buildup in the arteries, and are also linked to the disruption of electrical impulses of the heart and may provoke serious heart rhythm disturbances.

Those who vent, without problem resolution, on a more frequent basis, are faced with twice the risk of CAD and almost three times the risk of heart attack, compared to subjects with the lower levels of venting.

While stress responses mobilize us for emergencies, they might cause harm if repeatedly activated. When they persist over time, they end up becoming potentially damaging to both coronary disease and heart attack. The aging process noticeably accelerates as the stressed body struggles to combat an increased load in stress hormones, particularly on the immune system.

It is clearly a better choice to turn down the heat and put a cap on chronic venting, as one might be seriously harming themselves rather than the individual or situation they are aggressively blowing up over.

There is a remedy for this type of unproductive behavior. It's all about replacing negativity with a new perspective. This is why it is very important to calmly define one's issues, work them out and move on. Too often individuals become "stuck" in complaining, rather than finding a resolution and going forward with their lives. If they have very little in their lives, negativity becomes something to chew on, providing them with a continuous repertoire of venting, bestowed upon whoever will listen.

Eventually, all this negativity turns off any relationship, leaving the individual shunned, frustrated and alone. It's never too late though, because behaviors can be changed if someone is willing, and a new perspective can always replace the habit of negativity.

Dr. Ronnie Freedman
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