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It's been a while
« on: October 15, 2013, 04:11:44 PM »
Let me start off by thanking you for everything you have been a tremendous help and because of you I feel like I was able to complete my first year at college with a 3.6 and stay focused. And I also had a much better summer then I expected. I had bits and pieces of the symptoms here and there but I would just ignore it and accept it because I knew what it was. I recently moved from wear I was living because the living situation got rough and I needed to get out. So I took an opportunity to move to eugene oregon from California but the schooling transfer didn't work out. I've been stuck up here no job and no school and I have been looking but no luck! When I first moved up here I loved it!! I have been here for about a month. And in the first 2 weeks it felt so good. Now i am so down in the dumps that I don't even want to get out of bed but I do. And the dr and anxiety symptoms have been so strong in the last 2 weeks like wow! I felt I have been in the dreaming state! I'm just not sure where it
Came from! I'm about to move home because I feel like I need my families emotional support in my life right now. I think not going to school had taken a big
Toll on me. My mom says it's hard being 19 and in my head I agree but I just want to tell her try being 19 and having dr\anxiety lol. Sorry for the ranting and raving but we haven't been in contact in a while and the symptoms just got extremely strong out of no where and really needed to talk to someone hope all is well.