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Hi Freedman.  I was wondering, is there such a DP/DR where it feels inward and like your mind is no where?  This is the worst feeling to have, since it causes me to have intrusive thoughts about my existence. Why the thoughts about my existence?  I feel like my identity is lost. I can't concentrate and I suffer constantly.  I feel stuck in my head.  I don't feel human anymore.  I've also noticed that my muscles are tight and I'm barely breathing. This has happened since I had a problem with blinking spots and I panicked and couldn't get my mind to think of words to speak.  I was under extreme stress for quite some time, and I told a family member that they make me feel like "nothing."  Do you think that saying that could have led to me now feeling like "nothing?"  I've been trying to apply your DP Program and  there was a small improvement, but recently I've had some more stress concerning health issues and have a painful knee injury on top of it all that has set me back again. I rarely go out since I have to depend on my brother for transportation, and I can't leave my elderly mother home by herself for long periods.

 I was getting ready to set up a phone counseling session with you, but no longer have a phone to use.  I have to find a way to get myself a cell phone to speak with you.  I feel lost now.

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Re: Inward DP/DR---Mind Feels No Where With Existence Thoughts?
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Dear Denise,

Anxiety and depersonalization are often strong distractions from issues that are far more upsetting. These new health worries are what triggered a return of symptoms, which the brain is using to block these health fears. This is not unusual and not difficult to reconcile.

Continue to use the program and also address the health worries. You might be alone with your thoughts too much and boredom is another factor which leads to too much self examination. One often becomes lost in inward thinking, which is a strong habit but not difficult to break when approached correctly.

Best wishes,

Dr. Ronnie Freedman

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