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Hint for Everyone
« on: April 28, 2013, 11:22:01 PM »
If you are going to do the program give yourself the best chance. What I mean is I was positive I did something that ruined me for life. I wasn't sure if it was partying as a teenager or experimenting in college with minor drugs. Nothing really mattered until the dp made me sure I had broken something in my head. Not even Dr. Freedman could convince me when I went to her office. It took her a lot of time and convincing before I stopped fighting this thing and let myself believe her even a little. She told me about resistance and when I did let it go I began to recover. I felt like my mind opened up and was crystal clear all over again when I did. To me it was a miracle but looking back I see it was because I followed the program and gave up thinking I was sick.

I hope someone reads this and gets unstuck too. I have a life and it wasn't so hard after I learned the real story about dp. Don't believe you are sick. Get off that way of thinking and you'll do fine with the program. Talk it out with Dr. Freedman and believe what she tells you. She knows. Believe me.  -Kelly
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