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« on: December 21, 2011, 02:06:11 PM »

Awesome website. Never read so much good info. Thanks for having it for those like me who need it very badly.

Could someone with anxiety feel dizzy only when they walk in an wide open place? I mean really dizzy and then be okay when they go somewhere else. Let's say I'm walking in the city and come to a wide open corner, I feel like I could go down or go out of balance. When I return to a narrow street or go into a building it stops. I sometimes sweat and breathe kind of fast when it happens with a fast beat rate to my heart. I sometimes think I'm crazy or losing it. It comes and goes so much. I had ears looked at by and nothing wrong with them.



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Re: Dizzy
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Dear Kim,

There is a reason you are experiencing an anxiety reaction when in wide, open spaces and this is not an unusual occurrence. Your sensitization (reactive mind/body) is reacting strongly to outside stimuli. Sights, sounds, visuals, even scents, often have a strong effect on a sensitized individual.

Learning to interrupt these harsh reactions is the first step to overcoming them. Once you know you have the power to turn off these reactions, your fears ebb and your dizziness is not as easily triggered. Your own thoughts fuel these reactions as well. Learning to change your perspective allows you to go wherever you choose and feel however you wish, once you learn how to tame a highly overactive mind. It's quite simple to achieve but requires your participation and practice. It's well worth the effort and no medications necessary.

If you were truly ill, it would not come and go, as stress levels rise and fall. This is a fact. Knowing how to take control of your mind's response to outside stimuli is the most powerful tool one can possess.

Best wishes,

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