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Title: No energy, no appetite and can't sleep?
Post by: Gaby on December 24, 2008, 02:53:11 PM
I feel like I'm fading away with anxiety. I have little energy to do anything. I'm tired all the time but I cannot fall asleep. I look at food and I don't want to eat even a little bit. My anxiety is constant. Panic attacks and I'm rattled from everything. My head is light and my balance isn't right. Sometimes I feel faint even. Clean bill of health from doctors (saw 3 of them, one gp, one gyno and one neuro). All tell me it is anxiety. I'm exhausted and all I can think of is how sick I feel. Has anyone felt this weakness? I feel all used up.
Title: Re: No energy, no appetite and can't sleep?
Post by: saremca on December 26, 2008, 11:18:35 AM
Absolutely.  I was constantly nauseous, SO tired but unable to sleep, I just felt drained and defeated.  I lost 20 pounds and felt miserable.  I'm so glad I do not feel that way anymore.  It was hell.  You can feel better.  I feel great now.  I still have twinges of panic/anxiety sometimes (usually when I'm lacking in sleep or not eating right) but I know how to cope with those episodes now and they pass very quickly.  It's amazing to feel normal again.
Title: Re: No energy, no appetite and can't sleep?
Post by: DrFreedman on December 26, 2008, 12:43:01 PM
What you are experiencing is a form of anxious fatigue. Your adrenal glands have a finite amount of energy. Constant worry and introspection result in the continuous release of adrenaline, whether in short bursts or largeer ones when panic intrudes. Reserves are lowered when this process continues day after day and you begin to experience fatigue, lack of appetite, insomnia, irritability, anxiety and depression. Life feels flat and frustrating.

There is a definite way to counter this and by doing so, you will regain your strength in a short period of time. Through strict adherence to a diet which rebuilds your ability to ward off anxiety and prevents its return, you will be paving the way to a stronger mind and body. I've used this system, since I experienced exactly what you describe. The results are astounding when you learn to turn off the overactive mind/body.

Appetite returns and so does sleep. I know how devastating lack of both can be...leading one to believe they are ill when they are not. Your strength will return once you are informed how to rebuild reserves of adrenaline and keep them readily available.
Title: Re: No energy, no appetite and can't sleep?
Post by: Gaby on January 23, 2009, 06:38:06 PM
I"ve been using your anxious fatigue therapy and shocked how much different I feel. I thought I'd have to take vitamins etc.