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Title: Stopped Meds!!!
Post by: Pete on April 29, 2013, 02:17:59 PM
Meds were a big thing for me since I took them for 3 years. I always felt light headed and nauseous on from the Lexapro but was afraid to stop. Don't know why cause it never helped me anyway. I learned how to use my mind to do the same thing the meds were supposed to do but never did. I did the foods every day that didn't let the anxiety in. The dp stopped because I did the steps and never went back to the bad habits.

I can honestly say I found myself. I used to be the biggest victim to anxiety. Now I'm working in the job I always wanted and feel calm while I do it. This is major for me. I always had a fear of being sick but not anymore. I don't do the scary talk to myself. I learned the trick of keeping my head above it all. I don't practice anymore because it's just a part of me. Don't have to think about it so much. Thanks Dr. F. for helping me get where I am now.