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Sleep anxiety waking me
« on: September 29, 2011, 02:36:48 PM »
Hello Dr. Freedman,

I enjoy reading your blog and this forum. Here's my problem. Lately I've had bad sleep anxiety and even panic which wakes me up and then I'm up the whole night following it. I can be sound asleep when I wake up with a jolt and my heart is racing. I get jittery all over and then there's no way I can go back to sleep. Sometimes I feel like I'm suffocating if I try to sleep afterward.

I'm 44, female and exercise every day. I try to eat well. Thanks for any help you can extend to me.



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Re: Sleep anxiety waking me
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2011, 11:33:14 AM »
Dear Mel,
Thanks for the question which led to our newest Anxiety Busters Blog Topic

Simple Insomnia Cure: Overcoming Night Panics

By Ronnie Freedman, Ph.D.

Rules for overcoming insomnia and night panics:

1. Exercise early in the day. Exercise in fresh air  is very helpful in eliminating free-floating energy in the body. A simple, daily walk for minimum 20 minutes a day will burn off all the excess energy built up from daily stress. It will improve your mood and give you a true sense of well being.

2. Grab Some Sunlight: It helps set the body clock and produces melatonin in the brain, which adds up to a better night’s rest and makes falling asleep less of a chore.

3. Follow the food plan outlined in our program package as it allows the body to manufacture more Serotonin (naturally) in the body, and contains the formula to produce a mind/body that is far less reactive during the day and through the night. This food plan will undeniably promote the most relaxing sleep at night. Falling asleep will never be a problem again. Best of all, it is accomplished by using the foods you already have in your kitchen.

4. Avoid alcohol as it creates adrenaline in the body. This makes it difficult to fall asleep at night and even more difficult to stay asleep. It becomes a stimulant in the body and wrecks your sleep. For many, this is worse than caffeine. If you are fed up with night panics, then give up the alcohol.

5. Avoid caffeine as this is a stimulant and interrupts sleep.
Switch to herbal teas such as Chamomile. You will notice the difference in your relaxation levels within 24 hours and insomnia will fade away in the process. If you have been using caffeine regularly, take your time changing to a decaffeinated brand. Mix a little decaf in with the caffeinated one, adding more and more decaf each day. This way you will avoid caffeine withdrawal headaches.

6. Avoid nicotine.
A cigarette speeds up the whole body system making sleep very difficult. It’s the breathing in and out that is relaxing, which you can do without the aid of a cigarette. Nicotine is a chemical substance in cigarettes that is stimulating, not relaxing, to the system.

7. Listen to CD #11, Thought Separating and Mind Clearing in our program package, as it will allow you to cut through the endless cycle of intrusive thoughts that interrupt your sleep. It will easily teach you how to tame your brain allowing you to control your sleep, your waking hours and your life in general. Learn how to choose how you wish to feel rather than being the victim of life. Taking control of your reactions is an incredible feeling. It’s not difficult at all, and allows you to excavate the more powerful, stronger side of yourself, placing you back in charge of your life again.

Best wishes,

Dr. Ronnie Freedman
Anxiety Busters, Inc.
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