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Recovery Success
« on: November 18, 2011, 02:52:53 PM »
                                        Recovery Success

We have been told it is comforting to visit our forum because one realizes they are not alone with their symptoms. Most who call us for a complimentary telephone evaluation are relieved to learn they are experiencing a common reaction to prolonged stress which is not difficult to overcome.

Once this is established, it is important to shift from Understanding to Recovery Method. This is where the use of our specific method is required to recover and go on with one's life. This is achieved by using the program package and/or participating in our counseling sessions (in-office or by telephone), since many have issues related to depersonalization that often require resolution.

It's important to note that sporadic attempts to follow the program package or occasional counseling sessions in our office or by telephone, will not be as effective as structured use of this method. Recovery does not require a long or drawn out process if initially approached by using the correct method in the proper manner.

In essence, it's not about working the program or using our counseling sessions on merely the days one is feeling symptomatic. It's about using the materials in a continuous and sequential fashion, whether through the program or our sessions. Learning new behaviors requires commitment and steady application of the materials in order to be effective.

Quitting your job is not the answer. Taking a break from socializing is not the answer. Treating yourself as if you were ill is not the answer, because you are not ill. This is a learned behavior and nothing more. By applying our recovery method, you will be able to maintain your way of life, go forward with your career and enjoy life once again.

The first step to recovery is to begin working the program package along with weekly telephone sessions. The goal is to eliminate the anxiety and ensure a full return to clarity.

Dr. R. E. Freedman
Anxiety and Depersonalization Recovery Treatment
Office Hours: 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM, EST, Mon-Fri.
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